Access is authorised only on the ground floor, where a multimedia station offer a virtual tour in the museum. Entrance from Vicolo dell'Aquila (ring the bell).
The Casa Romana is not accessible


Braille code guide
A Braille guide in Italian and English is available by request.

Can be hired from the ticket counter.
Guided tour
The blind public can discover the museum through a plan in Braille.
There are also legends in Braille along the museum route.
Li-Fi project
Guided visually disabled or visually impaired people can use all the li-fi stations, both on the ground floor, where there are two steps, and in the basement and on the upper floor, although they have to negotiate flights of stairs downhill (for the basement) and uphill for the first floor points. Enjoyment is ensured through the use of audio tracks created from the textual content.

To learn about the appointments of the dedicated educational activities, consult the Accesible Projects

LIS (italian signs language)

Barracco Museum LIS video

The important collection of ancient sculptures donated by Giovanni Barracco in 1904 to the City, considered one of the most interesting museum collections in Rome, is now available to the general public thanks to the recent restoration and reopening of the Museum.

Educational visit
Museo di Scultura Antica Giovanni Barracco
02 January - 31 December 2024
Visita guidata tattile-sensoriale con operatori specializzati, disponibile su richiesta.
There are no planned events.

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