Deported women

Donne deportate
Neo-Assyrian Empire, reign of Ashurbanipal (668-627 B.C.)
Material and technique: 
Alabastrine limestone
From northern Mesopotamia, Nineveh (Kuyunjik), North Palace
Inv. MB 48

By comparing this fragment with the original drawings made in the 19th century, it is possible to attribute it to the series of reliefs found in Courtyard J of the North Palace at Nineveh, which depicted mass deportations from a Babylonian city. Fragment MB 56 must have belonged to the same series.
The deportation policy that the Assyrian rulers followed constantly, and on a large scale, had two purposes: to repopulate the Assyrian cities and countryside, whose men had been drained off in numerous military campaigns; and to crush the conquered peoples’ national and cultural identity. This was especially the purpose of mass deportations from one province to the other and vice versa.

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