Canopic jar (Qebehsenuf)

Vaso Canopo - Coperchio a testa di falco (Qebehsenuf)
Funerary monument and ornaments
Saïtic period, Dynasty XXVI (664-525 B.C.)
Material and technique: 
Inv. MB 309

Canopic jars were the containers used to preserve the entrails removed from corpses during the mummification process. The entrails were protected by the four sons of Horus: Qebehsenuf, the falcon, was the protector of the intestines.
This jar is inscribed with formulas from the Pyramid Texts, which contained instructions for funeral ceremonies.

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Nearly all the reliefs in the Barracco Museum’s collection belong to the funerary sphere. 
They come from a type of tomb, the mastaba (from the Arabic word for bench), which was especially characteristic of Old Kingdom necropolises.